Tutorial 1

So lets build the form below notice the sticky to the right letting us know the total ?

Here is the concept Joe Wants to start up a pizza franchise. His factory makes pizza and he franchises out to some franchises who hire employees. Joe wants a system that 1 will take the customers name and order. Secondly the form has to send an email to the employee who took the order confirming the order, to the customer that bought the pizza, the correct owner of the franchise that sold the pizza for record keeping. Franchisee 1 does not want to see Franchisee 2’s two order and Franchisee 2 does not want Franchisee 1 knowing how he was doing. Similarly, the owners do not want the other employees knowing how the others are doing.

So we need three things: 1) A basic Form letting us know about the customer order {see below} 2) A way to get the employees into the system along with {Registration Forms} 3) Program up the form to send the order based on how we registered the user. Lets Start with the from See below.


Three things to be noticed about the input area 1) the blue border, the yellow backgound and the little sticky on the pcs showing the order total 2) the logo 3) the pricing and conditional logic

The Fields Used