The Fields

The Fields


Feature Title

Feature content

The basic field all database and windows design is based on.  Windows and Gnome Programmers will recognize most of the above but we will go through them.

Single Line Text

This is just a short text field meant to hold either a name, telephone number, item anything less than 255 alpha-numeric characters in length

Drop Down

This is just a drop down list.  The user can select a single value and only a single value.


Same as the single line text made to ensure the user enters a number.  Not “A Number”  yes we have some people that when playing guess the number will enter “A Number” instead of 1 or 2 or 3 or 4.  And amazingly these people will think your an idiot.

Radio Buttons

Same as the windows one and just like the drop down list  you give them a bunch of premade options and only one is allowed to be chosen.  Examples would be male or female [yes yes I know these days we get binary], sick or healthy [I am sure one day someone would be made to feel special], the colors of the rainbow.  The basic idea is instead of the combo box (drop-down list) the user does not scroll through but can see all the choices at once.


HTML is Hyper-Text Markup Language.  This is standard web language like your reading now.  This is used to create information boxes and warnings and display text.  For example if the user says I am working above 12 feet or in a confined space the form can display a warning giving them further instructions like this

Warning You need fall arrest Equiment


Used to split content up into next page so the user does not get tired of entries.  For example the first page can be his information, the next page can be his work history, the next can be his hobbies, the next can be his application for employment.  Or the first page is his information, the next is his hazard assessment, the last can be the work he did.


This is the same thing as the single line text but mean’t for longer texts.  Instead of YES/NO the user can enter in a novel.


This is basically a combo box (Drop Down List) that allows the user to select multiple values) for example did he wear steel toe boots, did he don a hardhat, did he wear a tie, did he have to use tools, did he pick up a pen ?


Just is just a multi-select radio box.  The choices instead of being in a drop down list are displayed side by side


This is a specialized field used to transfer information we don’t want the user editing for example his name and company.  the date and time of submission.  the database this would be written into. specialized diet information.


This is the same as page but instead of having the user scroll through multiple pages you break the page up into sections.  For example, user name, info, address, dependants, coverages applied for