Database Design Concepts

So we developed this database forms to solve a variety of situations encountered in small business activities.  Most of this has been designed so the office administrator/secretary can create the form and make the changes within 5 minutes of receiving the order.

What can you do with them ?

Quite Simply:

  • Take Surveys
  • Check to see if your potential client needs your services
  • Create Quizzes
  • Quality Control Sheets
  • Invoices
  • Quotes
  • Custom Menus and Quotes
  • Plus many More

Before you read on there are some terms that the base layman needs to know:

  1. Conditional Logic – when the user enter or answers a question can the form change its response.  For example if the user tells you he has no dependents do you really want to ask him questions about his dependents.Below is an example of Conditional Logic:                                           
  2. Variables – this is a value that varies or is an amount unknown to us:Below is an example of a variable (I have no clue as to the product you would select or the quantities yet we have to calculate the total price): 
  3. Dynamic Lists – when we don’t know the number of entries we would need, examples would be the names of dependants, the lines on an invoice or estimate